Review: Chemiefaserwerk - Kopfbild Default

Vital Weekly - Issue 1086

There already have been a few works by Chemiefaserwerk, mostly on cassette, which I think is a format that suits what he does quite well (see Vital Weekly 1072, 1041, 1030, 992 and 953). 

It is the work of Christian Schniefer from Marseille and he uses 'tapes, field recordings, synths and electronics' and creates lo-fi sound collages with these. Maybe the word 'lo-fi' means for some that it is crude in recording and execution, but that is not the case here with the six pieces on this release. He is very careful in approaching the sounds he uses and how he combines these into a composition. I would very much believe much of this uses a 'live' or 'semi-live' approach, playing all at once and hit 'record' button when he thinks it all works together. The six pieces here are all highly delicate affairs of small synthesizer melodies shimmering about, sustaining organ like tones, scratchy records of spoken word speeding up and down (in the appropriately titled 'Speech Lessons'), along with the crackling of field recordings, in 'Refrained Knistern'. The most complex piece, in which the most things happen, is 'Certified' on the second side, and there is quite a bit of sound effects sparking about. The overall quality of the works by Chemiefaserwerk is going up all the time and this 'Kopfbild Default' is the best so far. This is a highly delicate piece of work of some excellent experimental music.

Frans de Waard