Vital Weekly - Issue 1099

Wikipedia says about Hysteresis “Not to be confused with Hysteria”, but it’s “the dependence of the state of a system on its history.” Lami writes: “There is a perfect match between hysteresis (concept) and this kind of practice: both are in the field of reality, and both are related to objects (physical objects, sound objects, living things)” and that is a piece that is played on site and recorded with “four microphones, using reels instead of tape loops, switching from the ambience couple to the two on the recorder back and forth, using objects and other shit on tape, recording everything, doing everything in the field - I mean - outside the studio”. Lami already has five versions, all released so far (by Turtore Burlato, Czaszka Records, Falt, NullZone Tapes and now Soft Errror). There are two parts of this piece and it can easily be seen as one piece, I think. Close your eyes and listen, and you see the action; the rattling on an object, the slamming of a door, people talking and with very brusque changes of the microphone the whole perspective changes quite dramatically, from time to time. The whole proceedings seem to take place in an open square or such like, so there is some natural reverb going on here. The whole piece has something mysterious I think. You may recognize sounds of a stone surface upon a metal surface, and or an object in a bicycle wheel, but then you might be entirely wrong. There is an interesting vibrancy about all of this, with a constant shifting back and forth of sounds and positions that worked in a great way, the complete twenty-six minutes. 

Frans de Waard